Distribution of Dutch design in Latin America

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Where to buy

Are you a retailer and interested in selling Dutch design in your store? Please contact us. Diseño de Holanda carefully selects its sales channels by working together with reliable stores for the distribution to the end-consumer. At this moment, Diseño de Holanda works together with the following retailers. Looking for a specific product? Please select the product on the our products page to get a detailed overview of the specific retailers.


304 616 4273
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Available in Colombia

Abasto de Diseño

(1) 4674003
Calle 151 No. 16-19 Local 1-091
Centro Comercial Cedritos, Bogota


Diseño de Holanda represents the design, innovation and functionality from the Netherlands. They have distinctive products that are very interesting for the Colombian market.

Carolina Morales

Diseño de Holanda has a good variety of products available in Latin America. I am sure that the company will have a lot of success.

Diego Plazas

I love the chairs of Diseño de Holanda! The designs are beautiful and it is a totally new product in Colombia.

Ibeth Bustos

I went to the Netherlands on holidays and saw a lot of nice products. Now we have these products available in Colombia as well!

Julio Cesar Botero


Available by phone

dutch flag (+31) 6 2518 18 62
colombian flag (+57) 301 623 4212
(+31) 6 5149 1291


Office location

dutch flag
Oudeweg 92
2012 ZV Haarlem
The Netherlands

colombian flag
Carrera 10 No. 54a – 51


Available by mail