Distribution of Dutch design in Latin America

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About us

Diseño de Holanda is a Dutch based company in Haarlem, the Netherlands with presence in Bogotá, Colombia.

Our office in the Netherlands is located in a design centre for innovative Dutch design and production techniques. Our office in Colombia is located in the artistic and centralised neighbourhood of Bogotá named Chapinero, which means we are based in the creative centres of both countries.

Latin America and especially Colombia’s design sector is developing rapidly. Therefore, retailers and consumers are interested in distinctive and innovative products. Dutch design has a respectable reputation but is not widely available in Latin America. The owners of Diseño de Holanda recognised this gap and therefore started the company.

Diseño de Holanda emphasises on the distribution of high quality products while focusing on the development of local communities in Latin America.

Maya Suurmond

Maya Suurmond

Maya is born in Armero, Colombia and was raised in the Netherlands due to adoption. Maya is bringing the beauty of Dutch design back to her roots in order to be part of the development of her country. The motivation to start Diseño de Holanda started due to participation in a Dutch trade mission to Colombia in 2016. During the trade mission it became clear that Colombia is ready for new design products. Several products were exhibited at the biggest fair of Colombia named Feria Del Libro and got great attention from both public and businesses.

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Niels van der Wijk

Niels van der Wijk

Niels lives in Bogota, Colombia since 2013 due to participation in exchange programs of universities and an internship at the bilateral Chamber of Commerce between the Netherlands and Colombia. During that time Niels noticed the potential of development in Colombia regarding international trade and social development. After his degree in International Business and Management he decided to permanently move to Colombia to contribute to the development of Colombia. For that reason Niels partnered up with Maya to start Diseño de Holanda.

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Diseño de Holanda represents the design, innovation and functionality from the Netherlands. They have distinctive products that are very interesting for the Colombian market.

Carolina Morales

Diseño de Holanda has a good variety of products available in Latin America. I am sure that the company will have a lot of success.

Diego Plazas

I love the chairs of Diseño de Holanda! The designs are beautiful and it is a totally new product in Colombia.

Ibeth Bustos

I went to the Netherlands on holidays and saw a lot of nice products. Now we have these products available in Colombia as well!

Julio Cesar Botero


Available by phone

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(+31) 6 5149 1291


Office location

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Oudeweg 92
2012 ZV Haarlem
The Netherlands

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Carrera 10 No. 54a – 51


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